Welcome to the product page, currently in development is a series of artefacts which enable guitar learning and music education consultancy. Below is an overview of the consulting practice.

Consulting Practice is a global consultancy service for music or guitar learning providers. The service can provide guidance on the latest online learning methods and how to set up a productive music education environment. Extensive knowledge of the global music and guitar learning industry enables to provide excellent advice. More than 30 years in the music industry performing, teaching and pioneering online interactive guitar lessons.

Typical client target market for service is as follows:

  • Music & Guitar Teachers
  • Music Education Departments
  • Universities
  • Continuing Education Providers
  • Remote locations providing extracurricular activities such as offshore or mine camp locations as an example.
  • Expat families looking for advice to set up in a remote location with no music facilities

Areas of expertise include the following:

  • Guidance on broad online guitar websites for learning purposes
  • Advice on specialised online learning guitar websites
  • Recommended reading
  • Recommended music recording software
  • Recommended guitar learning software
  • Recommended DVDs
  • Recommended instruments for enabling a guitar learning environment
  • Advice on global guitar events with world class performers and teachers
  • Global advice on qualification paths in guitar education


  • Provided guitar lessons for 30 years it was time to provide something unique and satisfying. By sharing advice on enabling a learning platform would reach more people and make a greater contribution to music.


  • Service is provided by assessed requirements
  • Minimum 2 hours for general advisory service over Skype business or Facebook messenger
  • Fees are based on consultancy service provided
  • All fees are based on PayPal pre-payment