This is a list of free online guitar interactive lessons – you will need to download the scorch browser to view the lessons @

Riffs and intros

Moon Patrol
Riff 2
Metal Meyhem
Scary Guitar 
Drop D Tunning
Rock Cheese
Hotel California

Basic lessons

Add 9
Basic Chords
Basic Modes 
Basic Chord Construction
Basic Triads
Chord Fragmentation 
Chromatic Scale 
Diatonic Triads
Eharmonic Equivelents 
Finger Excercises
Basic Fingerings 
Guitar Tuning 
Major and Minor Relationship 
Mastering the Fretboard 
Major Pentatonic 
Moveable Bar Chords 
Musical Alphabet 
Basic Octaves 
Picking Chords 
Table of Intervals 
Basic Inversions

Backing tracks to jam over

C Track 
G Track 
D Track 

C Chords and Scales 
G Chords and Scales 
D Chords and Scales
A Chords and Scales 
E Chords and Scales 
B Major Chords and Scales 
F# Major Chords and Scales 
F Major Chords and Scales 
Bb Major Chords and Scales 
Eb Major Chords and Scales 
Ab Major Chords and Scales 
Db Major Chords and Scales
Gb Major Chords and Scales 
Major Scales 
Diatonic Chords C

Chord scales

G Diatonic Chord Scale 
D Diatonic Chord Scale
A Diatonic Chord Scale
E Diatonic Chord Scale
B Diatonic Chord Scale 
F# Diatonic Chord Scale 
F Diatonic Chord Scale
Bb Diatonic Chord Scale 
Eb Diatonic Chord Scale
Ab Diatonic Chord Scale
Db Diatonic Chord Scale
Gb Diatonic Chord Scale
Cb Diatonic Chord Scale

Advanced Guitar Lessons

Diminished Chords 
Diminished Advanced 
Maj 7 Chords 
More Scales

Lead Guitar Lessons

Blues Chord Idea
Blues Country Lick 
Harmonised Lead
Harmonised Scales 
Diatonic Triads 
Octave Guitar Licks 
Sequenced Guitar Run
Sweep Guitar Lick 
Sweep Guitar Lick 2 
Speed Picking Double Note Idea 
Sweeping Arppegio


9th Melody 
Cool Sounds 
Pedal Rhythm
Roller Coaster 
Spider Webs 
Stretch Melody

Guitar scales

Minor Pentaonic
Harmonic Minor Scale 
Major Blues Scale 
Major Pentatonic
Melodic Minor 
Wholetone Scale 
Four Note Per String Scale

Guitar Chords

Chord Fragmentation

Jazz Guitar Lessons

Diatonic 7th Chords 
Diatonic 7th Chords Part 2 
Diatonic Triads 
G Major 7
2 – 5 – 1 Chord