GUITARIST.CO.NZ - Guitar Subscription Service

Guitar instruction subscription service to be launched in April. Basically for 52 weeks of the year, I will be sending out instructional guitar articles. Topics could be anything from unique chords, how to practice, finger exercises, creative ideas and much more.  Everything will be in tablature therefore no music reading will be required. The objective of this service is to keep aspiring guitarists inspired and give them a little reminder each week to pick up the guitar. There will also be an opportunity to drive the topics by  using a voting poll or completing a survey.

At this stage, I am taking registrations for the service and proposing a launch date  in April. The format is still yet to be determined, however it will be via email with an attached guitar article and some suggested reading or websites from the internet etc. There will be bonus materials along the way.

If your interested use the contact from to register

Cheers | ML